International Conference

Risk in Contemporary Economy

ISSN 2067-0532     ISSN-L 2344-5386

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

RCE 2016


Conference Proceedings 2016


Causes of Resistance to Change. What Managers Should Do?

Ion Stegaroiu
Iuliana Talmaciu

Model Analysis on Consumption and Tourist Demand in Galati

Irina Olimpia Susanu
Monica Raducan
Raluca Marin

Post - Crisis Resilience and Trends in the International Service Exchanges by Romania

Lucretia Mariana Constantinescu
Maria Cristina Stefan

Improving Organizational Citizenship Behavior based on Flow Experience

Alecxandrina Deaconu
Catalina Rusu
Alexandra Mihaela Popescu

Innovation Management and SMEs Development in Romania

Valentina Ofelia Robescu
Gabriel Croitoru
Sorin Paun

Happiness in the Context of European Human Values

Maria Paun
Constanta Popescu
Constanta Funieru

The Impact of the Human Resources on the Romanian Court of Accounts' Performance

Ion Stegaroiu
Iliodor Tiberu Plesa

Risk Management and SME's: Needs, Attitudes, Competencies

Sabina Irimie
Luise Zeininger
Mircea Mihai

Strategic Management in Public Administration

Sorina Cristina Marin

Performing Causal Configurations in e-Tourism: a Fuzzy-Set Approach

Hugues Seraphin
Adrian Micu
Michele Ambaye
Alexandru Capatina

Promoting Mathematics by Software Techniques

Luminita Caragea
Alina Gabriela Tepes

The Contribution of Education to the Insertion of Vulnerable Groups on the Labour Market

Constanta Popescu
Diana Serb
Nicoleta Cicioc
Carmen Andreiana

The Impact of Brand Awareness on Companies` Marketing Strategies

Alexandra Zaif

Impact of Socially Responsible Marketing on Consumers’ Behaviour

Nicoleta Cristache
Ciprian Istrate

International Crisis Propagation

Ana Lucia Ristea
Maria Luiza Hrestic
Constantin Popescu

Risk Management related to Privacy Policies of an Online Store

George Cristian Schin

The Visual Image in Managerial Communication

Tudor Ioan

Next Manager. Academic Background versus Labor Market Requirements

Razvan Catalin Dobrea
Camelia Staiculescu

The Impact of Motivation on Employees’ Performance and Satisfaction

Angela Eliza Micu

he Utilisation of Marketing to Support the Strategic Development of Educational Institutions and the Continue Training of Adults

Geanina Colan
Sofia Totolici

Implementing Performance-Based Budgeting in Republic of Moldova

Maria Ciubotaru
Vasile Hincu

Considerations Over the Evaluation of Investment Projects Financed From European Structural Funds

Mirela Iloiu
Diana Cornelia Csiminga
Sorin Iuliu Mangu

The Evaluation of Unincorporated Areas – Particularities and Perspectives on the Real Estate Market

Madalina Beldiman
Valentina Mihaela Iurascu
Georgiana Ciobanu

The Contribution of Banks towards the Formation of Capital Market Liquidity: the Case of Moldova

Rodica Hincu
Florin Marian Buhociu
Marcelina Rosca

Aspects Concerning the Relationship between Internal Audit and Fraud Risk

Ioana Lupasc
Laura Ana Baragan

Pharmaceutical Receivables, the Source of the Pharmaceutical Units Solvency

Doina Margaritti

Determinants of Trade Credit: A Preliminary Analysis on Construction Sector

Nicoleta Barbuta Misu
Fitim Deari

Annual Financial Statements – the Final Products of Accounting

Genu Alexandru Caruntu
Gheorgheo Holt

The Main Aspects of Implementing the Accumulation Function by the Financial Markets of European Countries

Svetlana Biloocaia

Impact of the NYSE Shocks on the European Developed Capital Markets

Ramona Dumitriu
Razvan Stefanescu

Corporate Social Responsibility between the Aim and the Reality of Implementation in the Romanian Companies

Marinela Daniela Manea

The Governance of the Operational Risk Indicators

Angelica Stratulat
Monica Susanu

A Study of Segment Reporting Practices: Empirical Evidence from Romania’s Banks

Mariana Vlad

The Determinants Factors of the Capital Cost – Evidence from 5 EU Countries

Georgiana Sterea
Nicoleta Barbuta Misu

The Dynamics and Structural Changes of Foreign Direct Investments In Romania – before and after the Recent Global Crisis

Ramona Mariana Calinica
Viorica Ioan

Contrarian and Momentum Profits during Periods of High Trading Volume preceded by Stock Prices Shocks

Razvan Stefanescu
Ramona Dumitriu

The Approach based on the Income in the Context of the Real Estate Ownership

Mihaela Cristina Onica

Transfer Pricing Documentation – A Current Issue

Violeta isai
Ramona Maxim

Cloud Accounting In Romania. A Literature Review

Maria Cristina Bosoteanu

A Literature Review of Accounting and Auditing Related Parties Tranzactions

Iuliana Oana Mihai
Riana Iren Radu

New Developing Methodologies for Strategic and Operational Limits in the European and Romanian Banking System

Angelica Stratulat

The Management of Disinvestment Decision and its Impact on Financial Statements

Florentina Moisescu
Oana Persicov

New Leverage for Increasing Tax Revenues in Turkey: Traditional Tax Applications Supported by Electronic Tax Audits

Ozge Onkan

Some Accounting Aspects regarding the Elections Campaigns in Romania

Riana Iren Radu
Iuliana Oana Mihai

Evaluation Methods of the Real Estate Goods

Gianita Bleoju
Madalina Beldiman
Georgiana Maciuca
Alina Mihaela Dima

The Analysis of Restrictions System in the Financial Position Management and Financial Performances of the Company

Gheorgheo Holt
Genu Alexandru Caruntu

REPO Operations - a Way to Adjust Liquidity Crisis on Banking Institutions

Lucean Mihalcea
Andrei Mirel Florea

The Methodology of Direct Comparison in the Context of Movable Goods Evaluation

Cristina Mihaela Onica

Intangible Wealth, between Recognition and Evaluation

Florentina Moisescu
Oana Lupoae


Gold Nanoparticles as a Novel Tool for Detection of Pathogens

Ahmed El-sheshtawy
Nader Y. Moustafa
Maged El-kemary
Abdullah Salah
Hatem Soliman

The Importance of Enviroment European Funds Implementation towards Ensuring Durable Economic Development in Romania

Valentin Marian Antohi
Daniela Girneata
Elena Sorina Munteanu

Opportunities and Conditionality in the Development of Fishing Communities in the Lower Prut

Daniela Nechita

Renewable Energy in Romania after 2007

Daniela Enachescu

Priorities and Economic Development Projects in the Danube Region from Romania within the Context of Implementing the European Union Strategy

Florin Marian Buhociu
George Cristian Schin

An Overview of Traceability System for Fish Products in Romania

Liliana Mihaela Moga
Mihaela Neculita

Trends in the main Labor Force Indicators in South- East Region of Romania during 1998 -2014 - Effect on Regional Disparities on the Labor Market

Iulian Adrian Sorcaru

A New Trend of Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies

Pradeep Kumar

The Perception of Aquaponics Products in Romania

Adrian Gheorghe Zugravu
Maria Magdalena Turek Rahoveanu
Adrian Turek Rahoveanu
Mohamed S. Khalel
Mostafa Abdel Rahman Ibrahim

The Economic Effect of a Daily Supplementation of carob pods (Ceratonia siliqua L.,) on Rumen Fermentation and Lactating Goats Performance

Ayman A. Hassan
Mohamed H.Yacout
Mohamed S. Khalel
Turek Rahoveanu Adrian
Mocuta Dorina
Turek Rahoveanu Magdalena

The Influence of the Rural Sustainable Development on the Life Quality

Dorina Nicoleta Mocuta
Adrian Turek Rahoveanu
Maria Magdalena Turek Rahoveanu
Adrian Gheorghe Zugravu
Ionica Soare
Mohamed H.Yacout
Mostafa Abdel Rahman Ibrahim

Higher Education and its Financing in the Context of Sustainable Development

Olga Conencov

Correlation of the Structure and Content of Educational and Training Workforce with Current and Future Needs of the Economy

Loredana Maria Paunescu

The Behavior of Contemporary Journalist Oscillates between Socially Responsible Behavior Journalist and the Journalist who Voluntarily Conform Public Opinion and Public Interest

Daniel Stefanov

Rural Development - Necessity for Reducing Regional GAPS in Romania

Adrian Turek Rahoveanu
Adrian Gheorghe Zugravu
Ionica Soare
Ayman Abdel Mohsen Hassan
Kamal Moustafa Saleh

Corporate Communication in the Top Management Perspective

Roxana Lucia Mihai

SRCF CFR Galati Sustainable Knowledge Capability through Business Intelligence Design

George Bogdan Dragan

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